I’m here to inspire and motivate you to think and laugh about inner-peace.

I have written weekly fun essays called You Are Here since 2006.

In 2021, my wife Elana, brother Sam, and I started our metaphysics podcast: Coffin Talk.

I also make music: Punchclock & Smirk

write novels: Dysfunction, Baby Doll (The Book, (2012), Too True to be Good (2017), The Apology (2021), and Ardor (2023)

and make videos: Squawk (2018), YouScience (2020), & Me-Search (2021).

I also index books, run a writing workshop, drink coffee, and eat avocados, and my favorite part of life is my family, which includes my son and two daughters.

You get podcasts, essays, and a few easter eggs along the way, and if you’re non-denominational (I am) then you can call them “non-denominational eggs of joy.”

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Coffin Talk. George Carlin, Ram Dass, and Plato in a blender. Weird and good. Saying the way you'd think it. You are here. Why not stay for a bit?


Compassionate and curious. Forgiving, not furious. Silly but serious. Dreaming, delirious.