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Don’t let “tortured artists” fool you: Reading is FUN (and so is writing)!

Also, I’m curious and compelled. This means I’ll deliver fresh perspectives that help you develop a fun and sympathetic world view.

Why do you write?

I’ll let you pick:

A) I’m a lunatic, desperate for attention.

B) I have a lot to say and my wife doesn’t have time to hear it all (but my toddler does).

C) I want to be so rich and famous that I can laugh at the suckers who made me wealthy from my big fancy “I’m a writer” space jet with the other billionaire writers.

What’s your Background?

I have been interested in entertainment for as long as I can remember. My mom says I used to sing full-length songs in English from my crib before I could talk. Go figure…

Anyway, I “officially” began my music career with Punchclock & Smirk in 2003. Then, In 2006, I started a weekly essay, The Casual Casuist.

In 2011, I earned an MFA with my first fiction novel, Dysfunction. Then came Baby Doll (The Book, (2012), Too True to be Good (2017), The Apology (2021), and Ardor (2023).

I also make TV shows: Squawk (2018), YouScience (2020), & Me-Search (2021).

In 2021, my wife (Elana), brother (Sam), and I started our podcast: Coffin Talk.

I also have a son, Tyler, a daughter, Alice, and my wife Elana and I are expecting another daughter, Emily, in early 2024. I also index books, run a writing workshop, drink coffee, and eat avocados. OH!!! And I love my dog Penny, despite her barkaholism. And I think that’s it. I’m just here to try and make you think and laugh.

You get podcasts, essays, and a few easter eggs along the way, and if you’re non-denominational (I am) then you can call them “non-denominational eggs of joy.”

Please help support me with a premium subscription. You get my illustrated book, monthly bonus podcasts and essays, weird gifts, and access to the archives.

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